Crimson Paladins

The Crimson Paladins are the remnants of an ancient order of Holy Knights who defended justice and fought evil where ever it surfaced. Through the centuries however, the Crimson Paladins have fallen from their original purpose and are more like a mercenary police force. The present day Crimson Paladins hire their peacekeeping services to countries and territories that welcome the Paladin’s protection and laws, in return the people must follow the policies set forth by the paladins before their own laws. For instance, in any case where a city law would contradict Paladin law, the Paladin Law takes precedent. Most places that have a Crimson Paladin presence also maintain their own military forces, though those forces are under direct supervision of the Paladins.
The Paladins believe that all forms of Arcane magic are a corruption and require mages who practice it in lands they police to be documented and require permits to be purchased. The only exception to this arcane prejudice is bardic magic, as it is the magic of song and does not come from a source of corruption and so they do not look down on it as much. Mages must follow extremely strict laws forbidding use of certain magics in certain areas (if magic is allowed at all in an area). While the Paladins have a obvious prejudice against Arcane magic and magical creatures, they do not outright slay or imprison such beings just for existing, instead a Paladin would pass a harsher judgement on an Elf than a Human for the same crime. Paladins almost never recruit non humans in their ranks, with the exception of very few Half Orcs and Half Elves who have proven they despise their non human heritage and show exceptional talent. They also believe that the use of magic while a crime is being committed enhances the punishment for that crime tenfold.Although the Crimson Paladins detest Arcane Magic, they believe that Divine magic is to be respected as it is something granted to those deemed worthy to receive it.

While the Crimson Paladins are referred to as “Paladins” by outsiders , not all of them belong to that class, in fact many of the bulk of the Crimson forces are composed of other classes that fall into certain orders. There are 4 (Known) orders and 3 Branches of the Crimson Paladins. The Orders are groupings of similarly talented personnel that fall under the 3 branches. Each branch has a full division composed of all 4 orders as they relate to that branch.



Notable Members

  • Dreize Crushnada

Crimson Paladins

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