The Drow werent always “drow” as we know them. As the legend goes, originally they were a clan belonging to the highest level of the aristocracy. The head of this clan was the first Emperor’s brother who wished to take the crown for himself. He secretly trained his family in the arts of assassination which he had developed himself for this very purpose. When the attempt failed, his clan was banished underground, forever to dwell on elven ground but never to be allowed to walk the beautiful surface. Thousands of years passed and the elves adapted to the enviroment, gaining the traits we know them to have today.


There are three large clans and many smaller offshoot clans of the three.
The Koge are the most well known and prestigious of the clans. They claim to be the best assassins in the world and they have the reputation to back it up. As previously stated, they have been entrusted with the Emperor’s life and serve as his ninja bodyguards, a position one of the other clans is very jealous of. Due to their status they are considered members of the shogunate and are nearly completely welcome above ground, though they prefer night for such appearances.
The Korosu clan was an offshoot of the Koge clan. They believed there was a more efficient and effective way to be ninja and so they developed their own techniques which resulted in the shadow monks they have today. The Korosu believed that to be the perfect ninja, you must not just move through shadow, you had to become shadow itself, and from this philosophy came the other monk disciplines. They are extremely jealous of the Kage for their position and for having the royal family’s favor. Both the Kage and the Korosu claim that the other is responsible for the attempt on the current Emperor’s life, with the Korosu saying the Koge staged it to gain favor while the Koge say the Korosu did it because they were unhappy with the Emperor’s lack of interest in their ninja school.

The Masamune clan is the third major drow clan and is probably the most secretive. It is the only clan to not be focused on the ways of the ninja but instead on master crafsmanship of arms and armor. Many centuries ago, the founder of the clan Eoltsu, discovered a strange black metal in the underdark that was extremely dense and contained similar properties to that of adamantine. The major difference between this metal and that of adamantine was it was able to form an alloy with Mithril also known as elven steel or Truesilver by the dwarves. He called this new alloy “Galvorn” and it retained the light weight shiny properties of Mithril combined with the strength and dark color of the black ore. Although it is not confirmed, there is a rumor that Galvorn even resists magic, this may stem from the fact that there have been no enchanted blades or armor seen made of Galvorn. The secret of forging this alloy was passed down through generations and the weapons and armor forged from it are virtually priceless. The Masamune clan has enjoyed the privilage of being smiths for the royal family and the shogunate’s high ranking military leaders. The Emperor’s honor guard is rumored to be outfitted in full Galvorn equipment as well as the Imperial ancestral sword.


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