Yggdrasil Enclave


A collective of druids, rangers, barbarians and nature clerics who worship the old primal powers of the earth. It is one of the largest orders in the north and branches can be found in Alfheim, Midgard and Jotunheim. The enclave welcomes not only those who worship nature but also those who at least show respect for its ways and gifts. The druids are uneasy around technology and urban environments, preferring unblemished natural areas to stay in. While they are very peace loving, they also understand that nature must be protected and there are those who would see its resources abused and wasted on what they consider to be meaningless comforts. With these ideals in mind, they will passionately fight to defend any natural environment that is being damaged or misused. There have been instances where the enclave has mobilized to defeat an ancient dragon burning the forests or human settlers who have cut down too many trees, anytime there is a threat to nature the enclave is there to defend it.

The enclave is home to beings of all walks and races, over half of the members are wood elves that migrated to Alfheim from Shenlong, with the other half being a combination of humans, orcs, and even some dwarves and gnomes who have abandoned their clans and technology.

Notable Members

Yggdrasil Enclave

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